Automate campaign auditing with Kenshoo Audit

  • Proactively Find & Fix Issues

    Kenshoo Audit tracks ad delivery, device/location targeting, optimization preferences, tracking codes, and more. It alerts you to issues so you can fix them before they turn into bigger problems.

    Kenshoo ensures successful campaigns by easily managing the digital marketing details that make a difference. Our automated, end-to-end auditing solution helps standardize your activity while at the same time customizing audits to ensure they’re tailor-made for your business needs. Kenshoo auditing is available cross-publisher and for all campaign types.

    For more information on this feature, please read Feature Focus: Kenshoo Audit Keeps Your SEM Accounts Clean & In Line.

Benefits of Kenshoo Audit

  • Leverage Intelligent Automation

    Kenshoo Audit is completely automated, saving time and eliminating the risk of human error.
  • Customize Your Audits

    Audit your campaigns according to your own standards and best practices.
  • Simple and Powerful

    The easy workflow guides you through the auditing process end-to-end.

Complete Control and Transparency

Take immediate action on issues found with audit with just a click.

  • Audit Score

    Provides an overall indication of the extent to which your audit group fulfills the rules you define.

  • Rules Breakdown

    Displays the total number of rules, and how many rules are fulfilled/not fulfilled by the audit group.

  • Campaigns Breakdown

    At-a-glance, review how many campaigns fulfill/don’t fulfill the rules you defined for this audit.

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