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The extended Kenshoo data lake complements your marketing, customer and sales data with proprietary Kenshoo data as well as external insights that widen your vantage point and add context to your decisions. Augmented analytics from sales, product, brand and consumer signals are available to add as modules to your Kenshoo setup for increased intelligence in your marketing and broader success for your business.

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Brand Analytics is a feature that contains valuable insights to empower Brand Owners to make informed, strategic decisions about their product portfolio and marketing/advertising activities.

Amazon DSP is best suited to advertisers who want to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads at scale. You can use Amazon DSP to support a wide variety of advertising goals. For example, for audiences that have already visited your product page, you can remarket to them on Amazon, where they are likely to be in the mindset to purchase. Or, if your goal is to drive brand awareness and expand your audience, then you could reach new customers offsite with a video that introduces your brand
and top products.


DataWeave provides Competitive Intelligence as a Service to eCommerce businesses and consumer brands via massive scale aggregation and data analysis. Their AI-powered platform enables retailers to make smarter pricing and merchandising decisions to drive profitable growth, as well as brands to protect their online presence, enhance availability, and optimize discoverability.


Profitero is the platform Adidas, L’Oreal, General Mills and 4,000 other brands use to accelerate their eCommerce sales. In fact, brands that use Profitero are able to grow their Amazon sales 70 percent faster than category competitors, on average. Using Profitero’s proprietary technology and algorithms, brands can optimize their 4Ps (Product, Placement, Price and Promotions) across 8,000 retailer sites and 50 countries while also uncovering what competitors are doing to win online. Profitero’s technology also estimates daily sales for products sold on Amazon, allowing brands to measure market share growth and size category opportunities for future investment. The platform was first in the industry to integrate Amazon sales and share metrics and digital shelf analytics together so brands can more quickly pinpoint the factors driving sales and share changes.

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