2017 was a blockbuster year for e-commerce, driving 13% of U.S. total retail sales and 49% of the sector’s growth¹. As e-commerce continues to evolve, brands are finding new ways to reach customers online and drive sales from this rapidly growing channel.

Join industry experts from Kenshoo and special guest Forrester Research for a webinar that will cover the recent shifts in the e-commerce space, how brands are capitalizing on them, and the best practices you should use to boost your online sales efforts.

We’ll cover the future of product advertising, plus key insights from a recent Forrester report, as well as tips & tricks to best showcase your products and maximize holiday sales. In addition, Kenshoo will give a unique perspective on driving external traffic to Amazon stores!

Watch this webinar to learn:

1. How to apply key learnings from the 2017 holiday shopping season to increase product performance in 2018
2. The latest product advertising developments to give your brand a competitive advantage
3. How top brands uses Amazon to drive improved results by leveraging a multi channel strategy